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Founded in 1997, AAGIM provides a complete service for international and domestic investors, from the initial investment research and due diligence, through to acquisition, management, performance improvement and disposal.

All of the funds invested through AAGIM are directly invested and managed.  There is no co-mingling of client funds: specific, single client allocations of capital are used to purchase specific properties evidenced by real freehold title.  Management, reporting and returns are paid to the investor which owns these assets directly.

Since 2005, AAGIM has purchased farmland exceeding $850 million.

As evidence of our understanding of the complete business cycle of "buy, manage and improve, sell".  In 2016 and 2017, AAGIM will have sold assets exceeding $130m.   The company has a market leading track record: our nine year gross annual return on invested funds is 11.47%.

AAGIM manages significant assets in dairy, cropping, sheep (meat and wool), beef and permanent plantings.  In addition to traditional active management, AAGIM also offers passive (leased on) assets and has clear views on stragtegies for maximising value in this sector. 

AAGIM is a member of AAG Consolidated Pty Ltd, which includes Australian Agribusiness Group and AAG Equity Pty Ltd.