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Portfolio Factors

Australian farmland has attractive fundamentals for astute investors providing strong risk adjusted returns, low volatility, diversification and a hedge against inflation.

In Australia, agriculture compares favourably with more mainstream asset classes on a risk adjusted returns basis.  Data analysed by AAG and presented in the paper titled “Top 25% Agri - Secure Performance 2017” [Click Here] illustrates the benefits of adding Australian farmland assets to investment portfolios.  This paper is available by clicking the above link.


AAGIM out performs many other investment managers through a combination of critical factors, which include:

  • A well defined business philosophy and business model
  • Experienced, hands on, practical management
  • Adoption of proven technologies and their practical application to drive productivity
  • The determined execution of a clear and well defined plan
  • An appropriate portfolio structure
  • Comprehensive risk management strategies
  • Outstanding buying decisions; intelligent selling
  • Low management fees
  • Strong communications

Farmland is not for every investor.  To find out how your need might be matched with our ability to deliver, contact AAGIM directly.