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Carbon & ESG

Our ESG Principles.

AAGIM actively manages environmental, social and governance factors to lower risk and optimise return. At the core of this is sustainability; our needs have to be met today without sacrificing the needs of the future.

ENVIRONMENT – AAGIM’s Carbon Neutral Commitment

We commenced this project in October 2019 with a carbon audit of all assets under our management to understand their net carbon emission-sequestration balances. The project will continue through a comprehensive bi-annual soil testing program linked with positive changes in farm and asset management. The Carbon Neutral Commitment is NOT about seeking payment for carbon captured. Its sole purpose is to help our farms be more resilient, more productive and adapt to changing climate. We think this is good for our staff, our assets and our clients.


The health of a business is only as strong as the health of the people in it. We aim to actively contribute to building healthier people via fair salaries and wages, safe working conditions and investments in their education. Our HR and OHS Managers are vital in delivering this goal. Rural communities are a beloved part of Australian identity. We aim to preserve and grow this by engaging local staff and businesses, being involved with local clubs and competitions, and making positive contributions to community building activities. 


A culture of analysis, hard work and fiscal responsibility are promulgated from the Board. AAGIM’s corporate structure is designed to require justification of investment decision at three levels; senior management, the investment review committee and the Board. The foundation for effective reporting between operation staff, managers and the Board is through sound workplace culture and relationships. Effective communication is facilitated by transparent and reliable reporting systems. Accountability and outcomes drive our decision making. We know this is good for our staff, our assets and our clients. 

South Pole – AAGIM Co-operation

In 2023 South Pole and AAGIM are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will see the organisations working together to provide a holistic offering to tackle climate change by developing agriculture focused projects that reduce carbon emissions.

AAGIM Graduate Program

AAGIM’s Graduate Program is designed to provide aspiring young agricultural graduates with a comprehensive and world-class experience in the diverse realm of Australian agriculture. Participants undergo three, four-month rotations on AAGIM’s managed farms with each rotation specialising in different sectors of the industry.

Kiland Ltd – Biochar Initiative

During the ‘Black Summer’ bushfire season in January 2020, a fire in Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island spread uncontrollably, causing immense devastation to over 210,000 hectares of land, including Kiland Ltd (ASX:KIL) plantations. In response, Kiland Ltd engaged AAGIM to convert this waste wood into biochar and developing the world’s largest biochar initiative.

AAGIM is a long term member of the United Nations sponsored Principles for Responsible Investment and the Principles for Responsible Investment in Farming.