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South Pole – AAGIM Co-operation

In 2023 South Pole and AAGIM are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will see the organisations working together to provide a holistic offering to tackle climate change by developing agriculture focused projects that reduce carbon emissions.

Since 2006, South Pole has worked to accelerate the transition to a climate-smart society, preserve our precious ecosystems and improve lives around the world. Systematic change cannot be achieved single-handedly, so South Pole is working with partners who share the same commitment and vision for a more sustainable future. South Pole’s corporate clients have made ambitious net zero and decarbonisation commitments. As part of this, many of them seek to develop their own agriculture-focused carbon projects yet lack access to land. South Pole will work with AAGIM to procure land on behalf of its clients, which will have the potential and eligibility for carbon abatement and biodiversity projects. Similarly, AAGIM sees the evolving carbon markets as an opportunity to secure a higher return on investment across a diversified portfolio while managing operations and implementing sustainable agriculture practices.