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Investment Strategy

Our Approach.

AAGIM focusses on agricultural investments in Australia’s core dryland and horticultural zones. Farmland in three regions offer more reliable seasons, in turn supporting higher reliability of cash returns and stronger capital growth rates. Within this framework, we focus on three investment options.


Moderate risk, active management, Net IRR 10%+

Construction and transformation of large scale, actively managed portfolios. Lead time returns from capital growth: lag time, cash returns, leveraging scale, development, integration and market power.

Active Mainstream.

Lower risk, no operational risk, Net IRR 7-8%

Passively managed (lease) portfolio offering long term (15 years+) CPI adjusted biannual cash returns of 4%+ p.a. plus capital growth.

Active Permanent.

Higher risk, active management, Net IRR 14%+

Opportunistic acquisition of permanent crop assets, generating returns through improved operations, further acquisitions and intensification.

Our Operations.

AAGIM focusses on high rainfall, high reliability, farmland in Australia’s core dryland and horticulture farming regions.