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AAGIM Graduate Program

AAGIM’s Graduate Program is designed to provide aspiring young agricultural graduates with a comprehensive and world-class experience in the diverse realm of Australian agriculture. Participants undergo three, four-month rotations on AAGIM’s managed farms with each rotation specialising in different sectors of the industry. 

These rotations offer hands-on-exposure to enterprises such as, intensive sheep farming, dairy farming, horticulture and even forestry to pasture land remediation.  The final rotation consists of four months in head office in Melbourne, graduates will acquire the essential skills to asset manage highly productive farming enterprises. They will work alongside the various Asset Managers who will be their mentors and aid them in various capital projects, financial modelling and budgeting and operation and human resource management. This unique blend of on-farm experience and business insight equips graduates with a well-rounded skill set, enabling them to choose between on farm management or institutional asset management as career options.

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